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Kristi Kalyn was inducted to The CMA Texas Hall Of Fame on January 17, 2013.

Texas traditionalist Kristi Kalyn has taken the "long way around the barn" at several critical junctures before taking control of her now-successful music career. "I was performing as part of a popular entourage that traveled the world, doing everything from impersonations to 'character' sets," the stunning brunette explains. "It was wonderful and crazy. We were playing 275 dates a year, in front of these huge audiences." Her plan to use that experience and those connections to further a solo career worked, and she released a CD that added more shows to her already busy schedule. For Kristi, it seemed as if everything was falling into place, when a single phone call changed the course of her personal history.

"My two nephews both suffer from a very rare disease," Kristi says. "When my sister called to tell me that her oldest son, Tyler, needed a liver transplant, I walked away from everything to help them." For Kalyn, leaving a career on the verge of stardom to care for her nephew seemed the most logical thing in the world. "I love the music," she says. "But I love my family more."

Her nephew's hospitalization came on the heels of her father's death, and during a period of health challenges and personal losses for her mother. In a short span of time, Kalyn lost not only her father, but her beloved maternal grandfather as well. Kalyn refers to her father's death as "the day the music died," but says she drew inspiration from her mother's endless strength. From a loving, laughter-filled home that brimmed with music, Kristi would go on to face what can only be described as several years of severe emotional hardship. "It wasn't all bad," she reflects now with a laugh, "but it was hard."

Kalyn dedicated her time to helping her family, forgoing recording and playing only a few live shows each year. "It was good for me in a way," the singer admits. "The 'shine' was off the music ... and it took a while to get it back." Several years would pass before...

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The Lone Star State shines a little brighter as it catches the glimmer and glamour of a talent that is unmistakably Texas gold. Kristi Kalyn is on the pulse of the vigorous melodic vein that flows through the wild and colorful terrain of Texas. She strides into the musical arena like a thoroughbred with her dark flowing mane and mysterious emerald eyes. She's a small town girl with big time ambition.

Kristi was born in Weatherford, TX and grew up in Granbury with her sister DeAnna, raised by their loving parents Darrell & Carolyn Moore. She started tuning her cords by the age of two and has since grown in to a recognized and respected entertainer. But only her closest friends and family know the history this stunning brunette beauty brings to the stage.

She happily remembers her first live airway appearance on KJLM Am Radio in Fort Worth, where she now resides. She was just a toddler setting on her Daddy's knee and they were on-air with guest Leon Rausch of the Bob Wills band, as she piped up with her version of "Roly Poly."

Kristi's Father played guitar and sang in a popular band called "Kountry Kings" and later "Taste of Texas." He didn't push her into music, but was proud that she followed in his footsteps. There was always music in the house, it was a much a part of the daily routine as feeding the dog. Dad would rehearse the band in their home, so Kristi and DeAnna would fall asleep to the sounds of the beating drums. A couple times a week everyone would gather around after supper to sing. In those days the "Country Song Roundup" magazine was like a fun filled family Bible. Dad would sing Elvis songs at Christmas and Mom, Kristi and sis would pretend to be the Jordanairs. A family reunion every June that included camping and music would attract people for miles around to listen. While the other kids would go play, Kristi would sit next to her Dad and Granddad Victor and sing her heart out. Music flowed through the entire Moore family like the Rio Grande through Texas.

The late and famous performer Johnny Duncan was a close friend of the family. Kristi's Dad and Johnny ran the road and worked together frequently. She tried to sneak into the clubs...

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